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Circa 1680 Tomas Daiala (Toledo) Spanish Cup-Hilt Rapier (Sold)

Stunning 17th Century Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier made by leading Toldeo swordsmith Tomas (Tomaso) Daiala in very good condition.

Tomas Daiala Toledo Spanish Cup-Hilt RapierTomas Daiala Toledo Spanish Cup-Hilt Rapier C 1680

Sold Item Notice

Very rare and highly sought after Tomaso Daiala Cup-Hilt Rapier from Toledo, Spain circa 1680. Tomas Daiala was one of Toledo's foremost sword smiths. The sword is in very good condition, especially considering its age. There is a little looseness as you would expect. The grip wiring is loose but complete. The 40 inch (102 cm) blade is in very good condition with just one small patina area on one side; the blade is straight. Given the condition, scarcity and desire for Tomaso Daiala rapiers, I could not accept less than (removed) for this sword. Please note: rapiers by Tomas Daiala of this quality and condition generally sell for many times my asking price (see: Peter Finer - I have an email confirming they require £12000 for their sword). Further pictures available upon request.



Daiala Hilt



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