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Exceptionally Rare 1800 Pattern British Infantry Officer’s Sword (Sold)

In very good condition, an exceptionally rare 1800P British Infantry Officer's Sword with blue and gilt etching with pre-1801 Royal Coast of Arms.

1803 Pattern British Infantry Officer’s Swordimage 1803 British Infantry Officers Sword 2

Sold Item Notice

The blade's Royal Coats of Arms has three fleurs-de-lis, which dates this sabre to pre-1801. The plain rather than lion's head pommel, like naval swords of the time, shows the sword is pre-1803/4/5 in pattern. This is not a flank officer's short sabre (which also had a plain pommel) as a) the blade is too long, and b) it is not a P stirrup hilt; it has the instantly recognizable 1803P infantry officer's guard and knuckle bow. This is an exceptionally rare 1800 P infantry officer's sabre, the model for the 1803P.

image 147 pre 1901 Royal coat of arms

Very collectible / desirable, especially as there is very good blue and gilt etching remaining. The 82 cm blade is firm in the hilt which has very good condition fishskin. There is no scabbard but I do not believe anyone with a good etched example of this sword, such as this one is, keeps / displays it in the scabbard anyway. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 147 (32)

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