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Circa 1795 to 1798 French Naval Officer's Silver Hilted Sword, for sale

In good condition, a rare Battle of the Nile era (Circa 1795 to 1798) French Naval Officer's Silver Hilted Sword, with captured blade.

Circa 1795 to 1798 French Naval Officer's Silver Hilted SwordImage x05 1

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The unmistakable French hilt with Neptune's head pommel shows this to be a French naval officer's sword from the late 18C; the hilt is actually made of a silver alloy (silver acid test shows blood red colour, see image further below). The blade is Prussian made, earlier, of the type often found in North African Nimcha swords (Morocco especially imported these blades). So it is likely the blade is a French trophy from around the time of the French Campaign in Egypt and Syria (1798–1801), or just before; at that time the Ottoman Empire included Egypt, Syria, and Morocco. It is possible, given we acquired this sword from the UK with no apparent more recent links to France, that in turn this sword could be a British battle trophy against the French navy, e.g. The famous Battle of the Nile.

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The 28 1/4 inch period sharpened blade with typical Nimcha man in the moon plus "NDNDN" markings is in good condition, the blade shortened for en board use. Blade has some movement in the grip and hilt. The silver alloy hilt is in good condition if a little compressed (hand still fits around grip within it). The fluted and chequered walnut grip in good condition.

Truly, if this sword could only speak of its history. A rare sword indeed. A tremendous buy at only £1500. Please quote item reference number X05. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Tube 1231-106x16 (1.988).

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