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ERII British Naval Officer's Sword & Scabbard by Wilkinson (Sold)

Virtually mint condition Wilkinson made (1980) British Royal Naval officer's sword and scabbard, ERII, formerly Britannia Royal Naval College.

Wilkinson British Royal Naval Officer's Swordimage wilkinson ERII naval officers sword scabbard 2

Sold Item Notice

In virtually mint condition, this Wilkinson made Royal Navy officer's sword has the serial number 110283 and marked to the inside of the folding guard "B R N C" (Britannia Royal Naval College). The etching still clear and fine with area for the next owner's name to be etched, the 30.75 inch blade as with the sword as a whole in virtually mint condition. I understand the sword was bought for the college to be awarded to an newly commissioned officer but for some reason never was.

Royal Naval Officer's Sword

The fishskin is clean and bright but for one tiny spot which probably would clean off. The gilt is in absolute perfect order. The folding guard works well and locks into position on the scabbard as it should. With Wilkinson Sword now out of business yet so rightfully revered, this is a wonder opportunity to give a newly commissioned officer something very special and yet sadly no longer available, except this once.

Blade etching

Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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