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Shin Shinto / Gendeito Tachi / Itomaki-no-Tachi Koshirae, sold

In good condition, a WW2 bring back Bizen style Shin Shinto Gendeito Tachi / Itomaki-no-Tachi Koshirae, quite posibly an Imperial Japanese court sword.

Shin Shinto Gendeito Tachi / Itomaki-no-Tachi KoshiraeImage w93 1

Sold Item Notice

The story of this tachi is most likely lost to the winds of time. OK, not a true conventional Itomaki-no-Tachi, in that it has a kurikata suspension knob, not ashi suspension rings. And the tsuka (handle) is pretty straight for a tachi. But look, a massive gendeito 28 3/4 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade, a typical tachi tsuba and the feint remains of the once glorious embellishments to the saya.

This tachi is a mystery in that the mei does not appear to make sense, was probably added later, and the first character was not written / scribed by the same hand as the second and third kanji. Hmmmm? But look then at the Choji-midare ha (cloves) hamon, exceptional high quality. Was this taken from a high ranking official?

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The impressive 28 3/4 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade has some ware, not much, plus stains and scuffing here and there, a few small rust patches towards the kissaki / point, but is otherwise very good, original polish. The Koshirae ("furniture" / fittings) all in good condition. The sword sheathes and draws well. There is a period cord that comes with this tachi.

Seriously under priced, just look around. Going, going, £gone (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number W93 (1219). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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