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Early 18C English Hunting / Naval Officer's Sword, sold

In good condition, an Early 18C (circa 1715) English Hunting / Naval Officer's Sword with stag horn grip.

Early 18C English Hunting / Naval Officer's SwordImage w83 1

Sold Item Notice

These stag horn handled "hangers" (short fighting swords) were used both for hunting and by British naval officers. Whereas more affluent naval officers would pay more to have shell guards added, many officers simply went for the standard hunting sword, which this is, not least as it is easier to store / stow. So, it could have been used for hunting, or it could have been taken en board, no way of telling.

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The 23 7/8 inch blade is in good condition with a steady patina, some active wear to the point end area but nothing major, the blade still sharp. Blade form in grip / hilt. The hilt good, some minor rusting / a steady patina, a little movement of the guard under the pommel, not much, the langet a little bent backwards as is common. The stag horn grip in very good shape.

Well above average condition at well below market pricing; £? (too late). Please quote item reference number W83 (1213). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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