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18th Century Ottoman Silver Karabella, for sale

In good though aged condition, a rare 18th Century Ottoman Silver Karabella with script to blade.

18th Century Ottoman Silver KarabellaImage w50 1

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Silver acid tests show high silver content for much or the fine metalwork, over a steel blade and frame (orange / red shows very high silver content, brown lower silver content, the black of the hilt spine for steel). Clearly Ottoman, with Ottoman-Turkish script to the blade.

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The 30 5/8 inch well etched and still sharp blade in aged but good condition, some silvering remaining. The silver on steel spine hilt is a little worn / battered but good. The silver scabbard (made of three interlocking parts) is good for its age but some of the interlocking inserts are damaged. The sword sheathes and draws quite well.

A rare sword and quite likely we have seriously under priced it at £1500. Please quote item reference number W50. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1175-121x19x16 (2.509).

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