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Georgian / Napoleonic British Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard, for sale

In good condition, a Georgian / Napoleonic British Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard the later engraved to "G Hoad Portsea".

Georgian / Napoleonic British Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard, G Hoad Portsea

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We could not find anything specific for a retailer / outfitter G Hoad in Portsea, so a small business. This dirk with grape finials was most likely for a merchant officer involved in the wine trade, which, in Napoleonic times would have been challenging, to say the least.

The 8 3/4 inch blade is almost certainly French by reference to the remains of the blade etching. A capture? Maybe, or just that the maker had access to French blades. Blade firm in the hilt / grip but the cross piece / guard has no secure anchor (pardon the pun) so moves easily. The ivory grip has some fine age cracks but is sound / good. The scabbard engraved with the retailer's name is aged but in good order. The knotted link twine is old, though probably not original, but we left it on just in case. The dirk sheaves and draws well.

A really unusual and bespoke naval dirk, and therefore likely unique. A great collector's piece for £450. Please quote item number W25. Full sized pictures available upon request. Tube 1160-50x8 (0.356).

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