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US War of 1812 American Naval Cutlass, for sale

In good condition (damage to hilt), a US War of 1812 American Naval / Navy Sailor's Cutlass.

US War of 1812 American Naval CutlassImage w04 1

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An early 19C US cutlass; similar to British cutlasses if the time but with very distinctive / different slimmer "Baltimore" ribbed grip and curved blade. The hilt / guard in the Nathan Starr cutlass style.

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The 27 1/4 inch period sharpened blade is in good condition but with a few minor nicks and a slight wobble to the very tip. Blade has very slight movement in hilt; not much at all. The guard is cracked / split near the pommel at its weakest point; it looks to be a period break and could be braised / repaired but I would leave it as is. Otherwise the hilt / guard is good. The grip with age and wear but good.

Most likely a British capture from those rebellious Americans! Nicely priced at £750. Please quote item reference number W04. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1118-101x19x17 (1.734).

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