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Circa 1800 Curved British Midshipman's Fighting Dirk, for sale

In good overall condition, a scarce circa 1800 Curved British Midshipman's Fighting Dirk.

Circa 1800 Curved British Midshipman's Fighting DirkImage w03 1

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The dirk is still very sharp (period sharpened), so it is not just a dress dirk. This style of dirk was popular around 1800 with both Royal Navy and the Bombay Marine (East India Company's navy). Originally there would have been a chain between the pommel and guard finale, but the fittings are still there for someone to add a costume jewelry type replacement if desired.

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The 12 1/4 inch blade has some pitting but is generally good. A very small amount of movement by both grip and hilt, more so with the cross guard. The grooved ivory grip is good but with a number of age cracks.

Who knows where this dirk saw service! Very nicely priced at just £550. Please quote item reference number W03. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1116-51x12x11 (0.435).

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