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19th / 20th Century Sudanese Kaskara Sword & Scabbard, for sale

In good condition, a 19th / 20th Century Sudanese Kaskara Sword & Scabbard.

19th / 20th Century Sudanese Kaskara Sword & ScabbardImage v74 1

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A British military war trophy from the War in Egypt and Sudan.

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The 33 7/8 inch blade is in good condition but with some light rust patches and a little movement in the grip / hilt. The hilt / grip in good order at a slight angle which maybe original / intended. The leather scabbard is good but has shrunk a little so the sword sheathes and draws a little tight and does not full sheath.

Very good example. Price: £325. Please quote item reference number V74. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1055-121x19x16 (2.190).

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