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WW1 German/Prussian 9th Uhlan Regiment Cavalry Sword, sold

In overall good condition, a WW1 German / Prussian 9th Uhlan Regiment Cavalry Trooper's Sword. A Model 1889 Kavalerie Degen made by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co, Solingen. With £250 potential cash back (see further below)!

WW1 German / Prussian 9th Uhlan Regiment Cavalry Trooper's Swordimage v70 1

Sold Item Notice

Marked "9 U 4 152" to the inside of the guard (9th Uhlan Regiment, Troop 4, weapon 152) and "9 U 5 61", so a later marriage but for the same regiment. The Prussian 9th Uhlan started WW1 on the Western Front but then were sent to the Russian Front where the fighting was much more fluid and where cavalry were still used as cavalry. So this sword very likely saw combat. The cutting edge has been ground (sharpened), possibly in the field as the German hated their weapons for lack of cutting ability.

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I have been offered £250 plus postage for the sword knot by a German collector of such things, but I do not separate items. However, am happy to give the details thereof to any buyer of the sword, in case they want to sell the knot on.

The blade is in good condition but has been ground sharp along the entire cutting edge (I can not tell if it is period or not). Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard generally good but with a light rust all over and some bending / distortion but not much. Grip very good. The original sword knot is aged but good and may indicate this is a war trophy. The steel scabbard has dents and fold cracks and splitting but is sound. The sword sticks hard in the scabbard and we recommend they are kept apart.

It is nice to have a regiment marked WW1 German sword for a change, especially one from a regiment that still used their horses. Well priced at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number V70 (1049). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

When knowledeable collectors voice opinion, I add it to a listing. Here is one such opinion;

Kavallerie-Degen Mod. 1889.

The markings: 9.U.4.152 stand for: Ulanen-Regiment 9, 4.Squadron, weapon no. 152
9. U. 5. 61 stand for Ulanen-Regiment 9, 5. Squadron, weapon no. 61
N.B.: A cavalry regiment had 5 squadrons in peacetime. At mobilisation, a Reserve or Ausbildungs-Escadron was raised.

The knot, known as a „Faustriemen“, was worn on all weapons, this is an original, cavalry knots had a reddish-brown leather strap.
The white knot had a coloured crown, in this case, blue, which stands for 4. Squadron – so therefore original to the sword! And not a trophy!!!
N.B.: The knots are often more highly priced than the weapons! (depending on condition)

The blades were NEVER sharpened in peacetime! At the mobilisation in 1914 (as also in 1870), the blades were properly sharpened by the regimental armourer, so that this should have the correct „Schliff“. As from November 1914 – on the Western Front, swords were withdrawn and replaced by a bayonet for the Kar.98 (a) carbine. The cavalry had not been issued with bayonets in peacetime.

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