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WW2 British Special Operations Executive (SOE) Sleeve Dagger, for sale

In good condition, a rare authentic WW2 British Special Operations Executive (SOE) Sleeve Dagger.

WW2 British Special Operations Executive (SOE) Sleeve Dagger

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You can tell this item's authenticity by the age, wear and numbered sheath; be warned, there are reproductions about, but we guarantee this one is original / authentic. The entire dagger is only 6 1/4 inches long and made from a single piece of cast steel. The very tip end is gone, which raises the question as to whether it has been used by a British agent on a German in WW2. Other than that and some age (we cleaned up the light surface rust when we bought it), it is in good condition. The leather sheath has age and wear but is good. The dagger sheathes and draws well, held in place when fully sheathed.

If only we knew the identity of the British agent who once had this; we don't, we bought it at auction in the UK where the vendor (probably family of the agent) asked for and was given full anonymity by the auctioneer. Really, really rare item, 100% authentic, likely used in action, yours for £1000. Please quote item number v67. Full sized pictures available upon request. Tube 1037-50x8 (0.268).

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