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Mid 17C Scottish Highland Infantry Basket Hilted Broadsword, sold

In good condition for its age, a scarce Mid 17th Century Scottish Highland Infantry Basket Hilted Broadsword.

Mid 17th Century Scottish Highland Infantry Basket Hilted Broadswordimage v60 1

Sold Item Notice

This is an impressive sword to hold and the almost certainly Scottish made blade is still sharp despite its age. With some period nicks to one of the cutting edges, it seems this broadsword has had a very active history.

image v60 2

The 30 1/2 inch plain slightly fullered blade is in good condition and firm in both the grip and hilt. The iron / steel hilt is thinner than later basket hilts, a sort of transition from the even earlier ribbon hilt, but in very good condition save for a couple of period bar joint breaks. The bound wire grip is presumed to be original but maybe later; it is in good order.

What a great basket hilt, really. A bargain for any serious Scottish basket hilt collector at just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference V60 (0998). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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