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French Model 1822 Heavy Cavalry of the Line Trooper's Sword, Sold

In very good condition, a French Model 1822 Heavy Cavalry of the Line Trooper's Sword, dated January 1829.

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Sold Item Notice

An awesome cavalry sword / sabre, which the US basically copied to make their M1860, with the added benefit that the grip wire is still present. Marked along the spine to state manufacturer Klingenthal in January 1829.

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The 38 1/8 inch blade is in very good condition, the very tiniest section of the tip is a little bent (should / could be tapped out); the damage is caused as the blade washer / scabbard stopper is almost gone and so the sword can sheath a tiny fraction too far. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt good. The grip is in very good order with its grip wire present and correct. The painted steel scabbard is good, some evidence of light corrosion. The sword sheathes and draws well except when it is sheathed too fully and then becomes a little stuck. It might well be worth fabricating a replacement felt / leather washer.

A beauty of an iconic sword; well above average. Nice investment price: £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number U61 (0905). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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