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Silver-Hilted (Hallmarked 1763) Colichemarde English Smallsword (sold)

Exceptionally well made Silver-Hilted Colichemarde Blade English Smallsword, Hallmarked London 1763, in very good condition.

Silver-Hilted (Hallmarked 1763) Colichemarde English SmallswordSilver-Hilted Colichemarde English Smallsword

Sold Item Notice

Very good example of a London made silver hilt smallsword with etched colichemarde blade, Hallmarked on the knucklebox for 1763.

Apart from some small patina (blackened areas) and dulling of the original etch, this sword is in exceptionally good condition and a joy to hold. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 78 (101)


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