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British Naval Master at Arms Sword & Scabbard by Wilkinson (Sold)

Virtually mint condition Wilkinson made (1988) British Royal Naval Master at Arms sword and scabbard; also suitable for junior officer.

Wilkinson Royal Naval Master at Arms SwordWilkinson royal naval sword

Sold Item Notice

In virtually mint condition, this Wilkinson made Royal Navy Master-at-Arms sword has gilt that sparkles like new and a virtually flawless blade, together wth superb black fishskin grip. Apparently the sword was purchased by a Naval College and had sat in a cupbaord ever since; so now the British know where all their tax goes! The only "flaw" is the locking pin on the scabbard needs to be bent upwards a little more for the folding guard to lock properly; something you hardly notice and something I will leave for the next owner to decide upon.

British Master at Arms Sword

Lovely sword in first rate condition; everything firm and as it should be. This would make a superb present for a naval warrant or chief petty officer, or even a junior officer. As Wilkinson went out of business yet are so well though of, this is a scarce and increasinly getting scacer chance to own one of the finest British swords ever. As the 31 inch blade is plain (no Royal Cypher), this sword will remain current until the pattern changes (not likely at all).

Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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