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Exceptional French - Dutch - Belgium AN XIII Cuirassier Sabre (sold)

This is an original clipped point French AN XIII Cuirassier sabre in very good condition made with a very rare Liège (Belgium) blade for a Dutch Kurassier serving in Napoleon's army, which almost certainly then went on to see service against the French at Waterloo!

French / Dutch / Belgium AN XIII Cuirassier SabreFrench / Dutch / Belgium Kurassier's Sabre

Sold Item Notice

If you only own one AN XIII Cuirassier sabre, this is the one.

From 1810 to 1814 Holland (then including Belgium) was incorporated into the French Republic under Napoleon. The 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers became the 14th Regiment of Cuirassiers in the French Grande Armée. The Dutch Kurassiers served for Napoleon in the Russian Campaign with distinction.

Versailles Hilt

This French / Dutch / Belgium AN XIII was obviously commissioned before the 100 Day War / Waterloo because the hilt is marked to Versailles and the Versailles director's stamp is a C under a star for Châteaubrun who held the post from July to December 1813. The scabbard and the blade though were made in Belgium; the blade is marked to Hanquet and Company in Liege (Belgium) and the scabbard has the two throat screws unique to the Dutch / Belgiums; the markings on the scabbard. The grip likewise has many more twisted wire / ring bindings turns than for the French; the grip was made under special order for the Dutch.

Napoleonic Dutch Cuirassier Sabre

This sabre quite possibly saw action against the advancing Russian army in the famous 16th October 1813 charge of the French (and Dutch) cuirassiers at Leipzig. The 14th Regiment of Dutch / Belgian Cuirassiers suffered enormously. In 1814 due to the transition of power in the "Low Countries" to the Allied Prince of Orange, what was left of the Dutch / Belgian element of the 14th French Cuirassiers were confined to barracks.

image verifie

In the Autumn / Fall of 1814 the 2nd Belgian Carabineers (2ième Régiment de Carabiniers) were formed and most of the Dutch remnants of the 14th Regiment of Cuirassiers joined the new heavy cavalry regiment. Most of the officers and men were highly experienced from their days serving under Napoleon. Now allied to Britain and Prussia, the 2nd Belgian Carabineers served with distinction at Waterloo against the French. Although the Belgiums / Dutch introduced their own Kurassier sabre (the Model 1814 / Mk 3 - modeled on the French design), because they were very short of arms, any and all former French weapons were used as well. The scabbard and its markings indicate the sword was still being carried by the First Belgian Cuirrasier Regiment, who formed after Waterloo. It is therefore also quite likely this sabre saw action at Waterloo against the French, which makes it a very rare AN XIII indeed.

Lyre drag and clipped point

The 97.5 cm blade is the original and untouched / unmodified clipped point (the Dutch and Belgiums never used spear point), which makes it very rare and sought after in itself. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt is in very good order, the grip and ring bindings are excellent and I believe from some sign of aging, are original.

Napoleonic Dutch Kurassier Sabre

This is the rarest and probably most sought after AN XIII and I trust you can understand why. The prospect this sabre saw action for the French against the Russians and then in a reversal of loyalties against the French at Waterloo makes this a very rare and evocative piece of history. I doubt I will ever see another and know my chances of owning one again are next to none. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 106 (83)

Hanquet Liege Blade


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