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Very rare early copper hilted Japanese NCO's Katana (sold)

Original early copper hilted regulation 1935 (type 95) pattern Japanese army nco's shin-gunto / katana with sword knot, original brass cap scabbard (matching serial numbers) and the soldier's netsuke, in very good condition. Apparently taken from a fallen Japanese non-commissioned officer during WW2.

Type 95 Japanese army NCO's shin-gunto katanaCopper hilted 1935 pattern NCO's katana

Sold Item Notice

A true copper hilted type 95 Japanese NCO's katana; only the early / original army swords had copper hilts, later / the vast majority of the 1935 pattern had aluminum hilts painted to look like copper.

Blade serial number

The sword and scabbard are all original, both bearing the same serial number "1879"; the scabbard with the correct early brass capped drag.

Scabbard serial number

The blade is in very good condition except for a small amount of patina and is firm in the hilt. The sword sheathes well into the scabbard, a little tight for the last few inches; the locking mechanism is fine and holds the scabbard well.

Brass scabbard cap

The fuchi is correctly marked for the Kokura Arsenal whose symbol is correctly placed to the right of the blade's serial number. The copper hilt is in very good condition (not subject to the ugly paint flaking / wear of the later painted aluminum hilts) and everything is firm.

Fuchi arsenal markings

The sword knot (may be a replacement) is correct and in exceptionally good condition. This sword is sold with the Japanese soldier's netsuke (a miniature carving used as part of and decoration for a pouch in which Japanese men would keep certain items). This raises the distinct possibility the sword was taken (along with the netsuke) from a fallen Japanese soldier as katanas were surrendered but netsuke were not. Further pictures available upon request.


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