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14th/20th Kings Hussars
By Rob Bracewell  
A site about the 14th/20th King's Hussars.
Has drawn a lost community back together organising Reunions, sponsored walks ect.

Bob Harrison is the founder and editor:

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A new site for The King's Royal Hussars
The official site of the King's Royal Hussars.

The Webmaster:

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The 14th/20th King's Hussars.
A pictorial site based on the people who served in the Regiment.


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The 'Official' Queen's Royal Hussars web site

Available on the site.

The King's Royal Hussars and it's forefathers!
A site about the history of all the Regiments that have had a part in the making of The King's Royal Hussars.

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Jim Peachy

The Queen's Dragoon Guards
Regimental History and more.
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The Queen's Own Hussars Museum
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The Queen's Own Hussars
(Unofficial Site)
Regimental History and more.
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REME Reunion site.
HQ Allied Command Europe
Rapid Reaction Corps.
Link is on the site!
RTR Regiment
A site and by The Royal Tank Regiment, old Comrades and contact details.
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Badges for Sale
If your after a specific Cap Badge and are finding it difficult to obtain then these are the people to ask for help! They have provided most of the badges on this site!

e-mail them your requests:

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Hohne Camp
A site about the history of Hohne Camp, very interesting
Danish Hussars


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