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The Queen's Own Hussars

The Queen's Own Hussars were formed from the amalgamation of the 3rd Hussars and the 7th Hussars in Tidworth in 1958. In 1960 with one Squadron detached to Aden for a period until it was reunited as the Armoured Regiment of 6th Infantry Brigade Group in Munster, Germany.

In 1967 the Regiment was posted to Aden where the Regiment distinguished itself by winning a Military Cross, it was also mentioned in Dispatches on six occasions. The Regiment returned to England until 1968 when one Squadron was sent to Singapore, another to Cyprus on a United Nations tour and the remainder went to Hong Kong.

The QOH were reunited once more in 1970 where it served a long spell in Hohne, Germany, it was equipped with the then new Chieftain tank. During that period it carried out several tours of the Northern Ireland in 1972, 73, 77 and finally 1979.

In 1983 The Queen's Own Hussars returned to the United Kingdom as The Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment, after which it was back to Hohne / Germany in 1985 where it became apart of the 1st Armoured Division. The Regiment carried out further tours of Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

In 1993 the Regiment amalgamated with The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars to form The Queens Royal Hussars (The Queens Own and Royal Irish).

The Queens Own Hussars Drum Horse


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