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The 23rd Hussars

Originally being formed in 1781 when it served in India (It was however renumbered the 19th Light Dragoons during the tour) before being disbanded. In 1794 it reemerged as an Irish Regiment lasting until 1802. Raised again in 1795 as the 26th Light Dragoons, and again renumbered the 23rd in 1803. During this period it served in the West Indies and it was later to serve in Egypt against the French in the Peninsular War distinguishing itself in Talavera on the 27 & 28th July 1809. It was again disbanded in 1809.

The last 23rd Hussars rose again for the last time on 1st December 1940, the initial draft being supplied by Officers and men from the 10th Royal Hussars and 15th/19th Hussars. The 23rd Hussars was disbanded in June 1948.


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