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The 13th Hussars
Cap badge of the 13th Hussars

The 13th Hussars were raised as Dragoons in July 1715 and became the Light Dragoons in 1783 and then became the 13th Hussars in 1858. they are perhaps best known for their part in the Charge of the Light Brigade before the Russian guns at Balaclava in the Crimean War. Battle Honours for the 13th Hussars included: "Waterloo," "Peninsula," "Toulouse," "Orthes," "Vittoria," and "Albuhera" in the Napoleonic Wars; "Alma," "Balaclava" (Charge of the Light Brigade), "Inkerman," and "Sevastapol" in the Crimean War; and, "South Africa 1899-1902" and "Relief of Ladysmith" in the Boer War. The 13th Hussars were known as "The Lilywhites Hussars" from their white facings and distinctions.


The Regiment was known as the following at the following times.

1715 - Richard Munden's Regiment of Dragoon's
1751 - 13th Regiment of Dragoon's
1783 - 13th Regiment of (Light) Dragoon's
1861 - 13th Hussar's

In 1922 the 13th Hussar's amalgamated with the 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Royal Hussars to form the 13th/18th Royal Hussar's (Queen Mary's Own)

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