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1780-1790 British Royal Naval Cutlass, for sale

In good condition, a super rare I Sorby of Sheffield made 1780-1790 British Royal Naval Cutlass.

1780-1790 British Royal Naval Cutlass, Rare I Sorby Sheffield MakerImage af81 1

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Likely originally a figure eight guard cutlass which has been period modified so that it can be stowed in numbers in a sea chest. Normally cutlasses that had been demoted through some damage or having been superceded by a new model were so modified to fit with many others in sea chests in the ship's gun decks where the need for a cutlass existed but seldom actually used. Though this one has a nick to the cutting edge and other "wear" which may account for why it was later modified and demoted. I Sorbay made cutlasses for the British navy from circa 1780 to 1790.

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The 26 1/2 inch blade is in overall good condition but with some harsh service wear and possible use evident. Blade firm in the hilt and grip. The guard with some age but good. The wooden grip with absorbed seaman's sweat and wear.

A great and evocative cutlass from a very, very rare maker. Very nicely priced at just £1000. Please quote item reference number AF81. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1229-102x19x16 (1.288).

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