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WW2 1937M Japanese Navy Officer's Kai-Gunto with Knot, for sale

In good condition (nicks to cutting edge), a WW2 1937M Japanese Navy Officer's Kai-Gunto with Knot.

WW2 1937M Japanese Navy Officer's Kai-Gunto with KnotImage af67 1

Sales enquiries

Very rare to get a Kai-Gunto with its original sword knot. The knot tells us this sword was taken off an officer (the vast majority of kai-guntos are mass surrender items, knots removed by officers to save some honour). It was rare to be able to take a kai-gunto off a naval officer of course, as most went down to the bottom of the ocean. This one has a number of nicks to the cutting edge, so maybe the officer was shore based or a marine (Japanese naval landings officer) and fought to the end. The blade is unsigned.

Image af67 2

The 25 3/4 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in good condition except for the cutting edge nicks (please ask for extra photos). Everything good and tight. The menuki with tarnish. The knot missing the very end. The saya / scabbard with small sections of surface layer missing (scuffs). The sword sheathes and draws well.

It is the original knot that makes this so desirable to collectors. £1750. Please quote item reference number AF67. Further / full sized pictures available upon request and should be considered essential. Box 1170-101x19x16 (2.245).

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