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1796P Poldark era/area Blue & Gilt Freemason Physician's Sabre, for sale

In good condition, a unique 1796 pattern Georgian Poldark era/area Blue & Gilt Freemason Physician's Sabre.

1796P Georgian Poldark era/area Blue & Gilt Freemason Physician's SabreImage af51 1

Sales enquiries

We bought this fine sabre from the North Devon / Cornwall border area made famous by the fictitious Georgian / Napoleonic Poldark series. This sabre has no British royal cypher nor coat of arms, but the name of the owner "George Oakes", freemason symbols and the phrase "Upon my honour" under a hand holding a heart; the sure sign / part of the oath of a physician. No doubt a highly respectable doctor who needed protection from bandits and rioters. No maker's name, but clearly quality British made. A caveat is this may have been for an American physician of that era, though we are sure it is a Poldark era / area personal protection sabre. If you like rare 1796P's, they don't come any rarer!

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The 32 inch blade retains good amounts of its original blue and gilt etching and is in generally very good condition save for slightly pitted patina spots to the point section. Blade firm in the hilt; hilt / guard overall good. Steel hilt and scabbard sections blackened. Grip with age and wear but good. The scabbard with some age / light pitting underneath the blackening is evident. The sabre sheathes and draws well.

Find another! A really bespoke and evocative sword for £1750. Please quote item reference number AF51. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box xxx

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