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1800's Essex & Suffolk British Customs Officer's Cutlass, for sale

In good condition, a super rare Georgian / 1800's Essex & Suffolk British Customs Officer's Cutlass.

1800's Essex & Suffolk British Customs Officer's CutlassImage af33 1

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The hilt guard and grip is of standard Georgian Customs form, though the blade is unusually straight. Made at a time where was still flexibility as to interpretation of standard / official patterns. "E. S. C. 16" to the blade for Essex and Suffolk Customs weapon 16.

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The 26 3/4 inch blade has a steady patina, wear and minor tip damage but is overall good and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt has the outer guard bar and quillion bent out of shape, brass looking good but being a weak metal. The grooved grip with wear but good. The original scabbard with early 1800's suspension clip in good order for its age but with the brass chape (lowest scabbard section) missing. Amazingly, the locking mechanism on the cutlass works and holds the scabbard as it should.

Don't hand around, this is a rare cutlass in amazingly good condition for only £750. Please quote item reference number AF33. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1100-101x18x16 (1.987).

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