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Japanese Wakizashi, Unsigned, Hira Zukuri Blade, Kozuka Knife, sold

In good overall condition, an unsigned Shin Shinto Japanese Wakizashi with Hira Zukuri Blade, complete with signed Kozuka Knife.

Shin Shinto Japanese Wakizashi, Unsigned, Hira Zukuri Blade, Kozuka KnifeImage a23 1

Sold Item Notice

A complete shin shinto wakizashi with kozuka-gokatana utility knife.

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The 15 1/8 inch nagasa (cutting edge section) Hira Zukuri (flat) blade is in good condition but has some scuffs and a nick to the forward cutting edge. Blade a little loose now in the tsuka / hilt as a result of taking it apart to expose the nakago / tang. Tsuba / guard has a little light rust, nothing much. The same / ray skin has some drying splits. The fittings of high quality are good. The lacquered saya / scabbard is good but with wear. The signed and well embellished kozuka-gokatana has some rust but not too much. Both the sword and knife sheath and draw well.

A good complete example and just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AF23 (1075). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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