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Early 19C EIC Cavalry / Bombay Marine Officer's Silver Sabre, sold

In good condition, a rare early 19C East India Company Cavalry / Bombay Marine Officer's Silver Hilted Sabre, featured in The British Cavalry Sword From 1600 by Charles Martyn.

Early 19C EIC Cavalry / Bombay Marine Officer's Silver SabreImage af13 1

Sold Item Notice

This very sword has been documented by Charles Martyn in "The British Cavalry Sword From 1600" as an EIC cavalry officer's sabre (see copy of book further below) variant of the British 1796 pattern cavalry sabre. But I actually believe the blade length and bulbous cross guard indicate this to be a sabre of an officer of the Bombay Marine (EIC's navy). In either event, this is a valuable sabre which is additionally silver hilted (see blood red silver acid test photo below).

Image af13 2

The 30 1/4 inch fine, deadly, period sharpened, traditionally made blade with local decoration to the forte is in very good condition but has some ominous seemingly period nicks to the forward cutting edge. Blade firm in the silver hilt and ornate ivory / bone grip. The acid test indicates this is either very thick silver plating or even solid silver. The superb grip is in very good condition for its age.

Look, later, less special EIC swords sell for just under £2000, but you can own this very rare and bespoke earlier EIC sabre for just £? (too late, now sold), which is a superb buy and investment. Please quote item reference number AF13 (1063). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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