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1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, sold

In good overall condition, a guaranteed authentic, scarce 1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword by Dawes of Birmingham, hatchet point, langets and disc guard intact.

1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword by Dawes of Birminghamimage af01 1

Sold Item Notice

Rather crudely marked "B 26" with no regimental markings to the scabbard, it is most likely that this sword was a resupply to a British heavy cavalry regiment, dragoons or royal dragoons, during the Napoleonic Peninsular War of 1808 to 1814 which the British and allies won and which saw Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte exiled (first exile) to the Elba. This sword may well have also seen action at Waterloo, after Napoleon escaped his first exile and regained control of France. The blade is ever so slightly shorter at 34 15/16 inches then the original 35 inches because the tip has been period rounded, no doubt to later serve as a practice weapon; the blade was never converted to spear point. There are multiple period nicks to the cutting edge of the blade which again suggests it saw battle as, despite being a thrust sword, the burly British cavalrymen used them to swing around which gave them the advantage over the French. The tip area has a little bend to it, which may have come from battle or its probable later use as a regimental practice sword. Marked to maker "Dawes Birmingham" on the spine with a rubbed /worn crown over 5 "view" mark which proves this sword was issued to a regular heavy cavalry regiment.

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The 34 15/16 inch blade is in generally good condition but with some pitting around the tip end. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt with some but minimal distortion / bending and overall good. The original leather grip in sound condition but worn / aged. The heavy steel scabbard overall good. The sword sheathes and draws a little loosely, so the original internal wooden slats have gone, as they so often are.

A great example, hatchet point and with the langets still there / the disc complete (most examples have the langets removed and the disc guard cut down on the uniform side to limit clothing wear). These are getting harder and harder to source, so a real and evocative investment at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AF01 (1041). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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