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Late 18C (circa 1783) British Infantry Hanger / Sword by Gill, Sold

In good condition, a rare late 18C (circa 1783) British Infantry Hanger / Sword by Thomas Gill of Birmingham.

Late 18C (circa 1783) British Infantry Hanger / Sword by Gillimage AE95 1

Sold Item Notice

Technically a 1740 model / pattern British infantry sword but made by Thomas Gill, so circa 1783 to 1785, which proves this pattern of sword was still in mainstream use right through the American Revolutionary War / American War of Independence. Gill was noted for his quality and strength of blade, so this is a real fighting sword which was issued to a British regular infantry regiment, quite possibly one returning from that war. Unlike other 1740P's, this one once had a twisted silver metal grip, hence the patterning on the wooden base now exposed; a new one could be made to replace the original as the base is still very much sound. The twin Broad Arrow marks showing the sword was issued and later decommissioned.

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image AE95 3

27 3/4 Inch blade in good condition and firm in the hilt / grip. The brass hilt in good condition. The wooden grip base also good.

Early Gill made swords like this one are scarce. So £7? (too late, now sold) for this quality fighting sword is a very good price indeed. Please quote item reference number AE95 (1034). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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