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Victorian/Edwardian British Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In very good, parade ground condition, a Victorian/Edwardian British Rifles/Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Sword with officer details / provenance.

Victorian/Edwardian British Rifles/Infantry Officer's Wilkinson Sword w/ provenanceimage ae88 1

Sold Item Notice

Bought from the family and with proof from the Wilkinson sales ledger, the blade was originally fitted to a rifles regiment hilt when it was sold by Wilkinson Sword to Major F G Wheatley of the Dorsetshire Regiment in 1896. After the death of Queen Victoria and because he retired, Major F G Wheatley passed this sword down to his son Mervyn Wheatley, the blade was thereby re-mounted into an Edward VII infantry officers hilt; his son went on to become Col Sir Mervyn Wheatley KBE, who was the MP for East Dorset (1945 to 1950) and Poole (1950 to 1951). He then passed this same sword to Col R H Wheatley DSO of the Dorset Regiment, of course, who then past it down to his son, M Wheatley who was a Royal Marine but was given permission to wear this non-RM sword as it was a family sword with lineage of respectable officers. All of these officers wore this sword as their own. It has been loved and cherished and is the reason it is in such superb condition.

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Serial number 32428 for 1893, mounted in 1894, then sold to Major F G Wheatley in 1896; confirmed by the Wilkinson Sales Ledger. The picquet (lighter, thinner, dress) weight blade with Victorian Cypher and Rifles Strung Bugle emblem is in exceptionally good condition and firm in the hilt. The Edward VII hilt equally very good, some slight scratching, some age but nothing much. The black fishskin grip with some wear but overall very good; the twisted grip wire bindings also very good. The leather sword knot, a more recent family addition is good. The leather scabbard and black all weather bag (a later family addition), both generally good with only minimal age / wear really. The sword sheathes and draws well.

OK, so you get several prominent officers for the price of one with this well above average, superb sword. Tons of research potential. Very rare to get such family heirlooms. Don't quibble, grab it quick; £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AE88 (1019). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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