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US War of 1812 Naval Cutlass, Sold

In good overall condition, a super rare US War of 1812 Naval Cutlass, circa 1810-1812.

US War of 1812 Naval Cutlassimage ae71 1

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A transitional model between mainstream models for 1808 and 1816, perhaps an early "Baltimore" cutlass, with ribbed iron grip and iconic US heavier nearly straight blade with slightly flared point. Possibly a US Privateer's (Pirate's) Cutlass. Most likely a British War of 1812 capture.

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The 26 inch period sharpened blade (feint possible markings to the forte) has a steady patina throughout, a couple of nicks and is firm in the grip. The steel guard is a little loose and damage bent in places but is overall good; it appears to once have had a lip which has gone.

A very nice example for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AE71 (0980). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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