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1804-1814 British Privateer (Pirate) / Merchant Officer's Cutlass, for sale

In fair condition, a super rare 1804-1814 British Privateer (Pirate) / Merchant Officer's Figure of Eight Cutlass.

1804-1814 British Privateer (Pirate) / Merchant Officer's Cutlassimage ae67 1

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1804 to 1814 British cutlass grip (later grips were more fluted under the pommel). Not Royal Navy as not an official pattern. The blade is based on or even a shortened 1803 pattern infantry officer's sword (curved blades were very popular with many naval officers). The blade has the remains of etching, so an officer's, not a rating's cutlass. This cutlass was once worn by, most likely, a British Privateer (state sanctioned pirate) or, less likely, a merchant officer.

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The 24 3/4 inch blade is aged / worn has some heavy pitting patches but remains sound and firm in the hilt. The figures of eight hilt. The hilt itself is aged and buckled / dented but sound. The cast steel grip has wear / age but is good. The original scabbard is a huge bonus but is really aged and the leather, what is left of it, is weak. The cutlass sheathes and draws well.

A very rare cutlass and very much under-priced at £1000. Please quote item reference AE67. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0979-101x19x16 (2.021).

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