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Rare Beaded & Ribbed F-S Fighting Knife Broadarrow 2, for sale.

In good condition, a rare authentic Beaded & Ribbed Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife Broadarrow 2 of the same pattern of one sold at Rydale Auctions for £20,000 (plus £4,800 premium) but in better condition (Rydale incorrectly called theirs a "Fairburn-Sykes").

image ae64 ww2 ribbed beaded fairbairn sykes fighting knife broadarrow 2

Sales enquiries

That's right, someone paid a total of £24,800 for one of these exact same WW2 F-S commando knives at auction (Rydale Auctioneers) on the 23rd June 2019; that is how rare they are with the broadarrow 2 inspection mark (article).

Here is that sale result from Rydale Auctions on their "Unusual Fairburn-Sykes style commando knife";

image ae64 ryedale.JPG

Back now to our Beaded & Ribbed Fairbairn-Sykes. The 6 11/16 inch blade is period blackened and sharpened and firm in the brass hilt. The tip of the blade has a slight curvature indicating it may well have been used on some poor German soldier. The war time blackened beads and ribs hilt / grip with some wear / minor use damage, but overall good. The leather scabbard in good order, some age / wear, with its original "wings" or "ears" still attached.

In apparently better order than the Rydale "Fairburn-Sykes" and with most of the original WW2 blackening intact (making it more desirable), we are not asking £24,800 or even £20,000. We are not asking £15,000 or even £10,000. You can have this rare F-S knife for just £2,000 but be quick! Please quote item reference AE64. Full sized photos available upon request. Tube 0971-50x8 (0.485).

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