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British EIC / Bombay Cavalry Named Officer's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In good condition, the 1860 made British East India Company / Bombay Cavalry Officer's Wilkinson Sword of James Casamajor Farquharson.

1860 made British East India / Bombay Cavalry Named Officer's Wilkinson Swordimage ae55 1

Sold Item Notice

Cavalry officers in the East India Company often went for this Scottish Infantry Field Officer's Hilt mounted onto a highly curved blade (see here). The Royal Armouries confirmed that the Wilkinson ledger shows this sword was made for "Farquarson" and is a (Cimeter) solid chisel edge point blade with (71st) hilt shell, and was finished on 18/8/60. A well documented history of James Casamajor Farquharson can be found here, including his roll as Governor of Brixton and Portsmouth Prisons once he left the EIC with the rank of Major. What is possibly most interesting about this sword is the lack of any royal cypher, East India Company badge or British coat of arms. All that is present on the blade besides the Henry Wilkinson name to the ricasso, is the Farquarson family crest. Maybe J C Farquharson was none too loyal to Queen Victoria.

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The 30 1/2 inch period sharpened highly curved blade is in very good condition save for some patina along the edges. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt with some light pitting and a steady patina is good. The fishskin grip has some wear but is good, as are the silver metal twisted grip wire bindings (one lesser strand missing for one turn, some slight movement on others). The steel scabbard has some light rust but is good. The sabre sheathes and draws well.

A superb sabre with provenance and history on the original owner, though with more research potential. Absolutely well worth £? (too late, now sold). Please ask for item reference AE55 (0938). Further / full sized images available upon request.

Footnote: A copy of the Wilkinson sales ledger entry for this sword (serial number 10686) can be bought from Royal Armouries for £10.

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