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Victorian Wilkinson British Cavalry Officer's Sword (sold)

A good Victorian British cavalry officer's sabre by Wilkinson, made in 1871, owner's initials to blade.

Wilkinson Victorian British Cavalry Officer's SwordWilkinson Victorian British Cavalry Officer's Sabre

Sold Item Notice

A good condition 1821 pattern British cavalry officer's sword by Wilkinson, with original owner's initials MHW, so he can likely be researched / established. I did check the Wilkinson sales ledger for the serial number 18137 but it came up with a blank or missing entry. However, if someone were to buy the Hart's Army List 1872 (£9.99 downloaded, £10.99 on disk) and go through each of the regular and yeomanry cavalry regiments for new admissions of officers with names that match the initials, it is likely the original owner could be identified.


Impressive 34.5 inch blade is mostly in very good condition except for a few rust spots, most notably around the owner's initials shown above. Blade well etched including Queen Victoria's royal cypher and firm in the hilt. Hilt mostly good, grip a little worn, scabbard leather a little tired in places but sword sheathes well and feels superb. Original leather sword knot included. Lovely example and worth the time and research to establish who the original owner might be; perhaps some British army hero! Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 270.

image VR cypher

image wilkinson hilt grip

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