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1828 Pattern WW1 Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword by Wilkinson

This is an 1828/31/65/68 Pattern Scottish basket hilt broadsword dated to late 1917 during WW1.

Scottish Basket Hilt Sword by WilkinsonScottish Basket Hilt Broadsword by Wilkinson

Sold Item Notice

With a serial number of 54872, this Wilkinson sword can be dated to the later part of 1917, regrettably both a time of desperation for the allies and also the end of the period of the so called "missing ledger entries" for Wilkinson Sword; it is not possible to trace the original owner from the Wilkinson ledger. What does stand out though is the superb quality at a time when most other swords being produced were done so as a matter of mass production. Whoever owned this sword was very proud and / or from a wealthy family. It almost certainly was made for a newly commissioned officer off to fight in the killing fields of France and Belgium.

Wilkinson George 5th etch

The sword is in excellent condition overall, the 32.5 inch blade particularly nice, the hilt still mostly bright, the hilt liner quite good, the leather field scabbard in good order. A rare quality item from a period where quantity was normally the order of the day. Further pictures available upon request.

Wilkinson thistle etch

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