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Wilkinson P1845/54 British Infantry Officer’s Sword (sold)

1845/54 Pattern British Infantry Officer’s Sword by Wilkinson with owner's initials / original owner identified.

Wilkinson 1845 Pattern Infantry Officer's SwordWilkinson Sword 1845P Infantry officer

Sold Item Notice

Wilkinson made 1845P infantry officer's sword, serial number 23602, sold in 1880 to a Lieutenant George Frederick Poynder, reflected by the initials on the blade "G F P".

George Frederick Poynder

Blade well engraved and in good condition, firm in the hilt. Hilt has much gilt remaining. Fishskin grip and wire bindings / grip wire in good order. Sheathes very well into an army browned scabbard. One of the best 1845/54 P's I have handled. Further pictures available upon request. My item reference number 143 (36)

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