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WW2 Japanese Kyu-gunto Katana With Signed Blade (sold)

Japanese army officer's Kyu-gunto with 500 year old signed blade (believed "Fusahimo" and dated 1504).

Japanese WW2 Kuy GuntoKuy Gunto

Sold Item Notice

WW2 Kyu-gunto Japanese Officer's katana with 500 old samurai blade in very good condition. Everything tight as it should be, saya (scabbard) locking mechanism working fine, 72 cm blade (cutting edge excluding habaki is 70 cm). Mon believed to be of Sakai Tadatsugi lineage. The blade is in a good state of polish; it has clear signs of traditional forging such as a distinct "ware" one side.

image kyu gunto 3

Further pictures available upon request.

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Fusahimo 1504

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