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Japanese WW2 Army Officer's Katana (Sold)

A 1934 pattern WW2 Japanese army officer's katana with metal saya.

Japanese WW2 Katana1934 Pattern Katana

Sold Item Notice

In fair condition, this is a genuine 1934 P Japanese army officer's katana with 27 inch blade (21 inch cutting edge) in military mounts and metal saya (scabbard). The saya needs a repaint. The blade has been crudely cleaned; this may be significantly improved with some effort. The fishskin looks complete and the silk bindings look complete and firm. The tang is unsigned and has three mekugi holes. The seppa, tsuba, koiguchi, menuki, fuchi and kabuto-gane (fittings) all look good and are worth some money in themselves. The copper habaki is a little bent and split. A very good price and opportunity to acquire a katana in an ever more expensive market. Further / full sized pictures available upon request.
















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