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WW2 German SS Combat S84/98 Bayonet (sold)

Authentic WW2 German SS Combat Bayonet With Original Totenkopf.

WW2 German SS Combat S84/98 Bayonet

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Exceptionally rare item; a WW2 (dated 1941) German S86/98 Combat Bayonet with Totenkopf to the frog; this bayonet was carried by a member of the SS, most likely an SS tank commander. This item came from a British WW2 veteran's garage where it has clearly aged through rust, etc. The sheen you see to the scabbard and hilt is preserving oil, to the leather is balsam; I applied both to keep what is there. The Totenkopf has come loose, but you can see the holes in the frog where it was attached and it fits perfectly. The 25 cm blade is in good order having been spared exposure to the damp garage conditions.

Be aware, there is no such thing as an SS bayonet per say; the SS used the same combat bayonets as other German troops. But they did affix their Totenkopf skull and bones motif to the frogs. I have heard about these for some time but never actually seen one, and then one day I was buying some items at a UK auction and happened to notice the Totenkopf tied with a piece of string to this bayonet. Apparently as the family cleared out the deceased ex-serviceman's home and garage, the Totenkopf came loose.

This is an issued item, not some stores lot. The blade with the correct markings for maker E.u.F. HORSTER & Cie in 1941, bayonet number 6372 of 9999 in production run 6 ("f"). As this is such a rare item, despite being in an aged condition generally, the very least I would be prepared to accept for it is (hidden). Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference code is 463 (143).















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