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Victorian French M 1854 Naval Officer's Sword (sold)

Excellent condition Victorian French naval officer's sword (model 1854) with scabbard, circa 1896.

M 1854 Victorian French Naval Officer's SwordM1854 Victorian French Naval Officer's Sword

Sold Item Notice

In superb condition, this M 1854 sword can be dated to around 1896 courtesy of the twin inspection marks (one a "C", the other a "B" for Charles Bühler, both under stars) on the blade's forte / ricasso and the inscription (Coulaux & Cie Klingenthal) along the spine. The blade is virtually in mint condition. The hilt is exceptionally fine and scabbard in very good state of preserve (sword sheathes well but is typically tight towards last section); the gilt of the hilt and scabbard fittings are in remarkably good / bright condition. This is about as fine an example of a Victorian French naval officer's sword as you can get. Further pictures available upon request. Item reference number 107 (82)


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