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1803 Pattern British Infantry Rifle Officer's Sword / Sabre, For Sale

In sound though aged condition, an 1803 Pattern British Infantry Rifle Officer's Sword / Sabre by J J Runkel of Solingen.

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A scarce variant of the 1803 pattern British infantry officer's sword / sabre, with its black fishskin grip and slightly shorter blade, this sword was owned by a rifle officer in an infantry of the line regiment (rather than in a rifle regiment).

The 29 1/2 inch blade is in sound condition, some patina inert rust patches; it has wear but there is still some blue and gilt etching that remains. Blade quite firm in the hilt. The hilt overall very good, some bending but nowhere near as much as normal; the back piece is a little loose (easily glued if required). The black fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are in good shape. The leather scabbard stop on the blade is gone exposing the slight gap between the blade and hilt. The leather of the scabbard is very aged with holes and cracks. The brass chape has gone. The sword sheathes and draws well despite this.

Nice example for £900. Please quote item reference U33. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0830-1m (1.958).

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