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WW2 1st Pattern Fairbairn Sykes F-S Fighting Knife, for sale.

In battle service condition, a scarce WW2 British Commando's 1st Pattern Fairbairn Sykes F-S Fighting Knife by Wilkinson Sword.

WW2 British Commando's 1st Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife, Wilkinson

Sold Item Notice

If you want a pristine 1st Pattern Fairbairn Sykes with wings to the sheath that has never been in any action except yarns down the local, this one is not for you. If you want a grubby worn service F-S Fighting Knife that has clearly seen action, perhaps even been used, then this one is really for you.

The 6 1/4 inch (158mm) service length blade is aged and worn and a little battered but good and firm in the hilt. The hilt is all good, some patina to the s-shaped crossguard, all tight. The leather sheath tells the story of this knife's past; the sheath is very worn and falling apart at the stitching. This Fairbairn Sykes has been on a real tour of duty. We see these daggers go for £2000 or more at auction, which makes our prices of only £? (too late, now sold)a real and evocative bargain. Please quote item reference U21 (0806). Full sized photos available upon request.

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