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Circa 1750 British Naval Cutlass, Sold

In aged but sound condition, a rare circa 1750 British Naval Cutlass.

Circa 1750 British Naval Cutlassimage U02 1

Sold Item Notice

British naval swords, dirks and cutlasses varied enormously during the early to mid 18th Century. This one dates to circa 1750 not least because of the blade type and fouled anchor engraving to the pommel. Most likely an officer's cutlass.

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The 28 1/8 inch blade is good but has pitted black patina to the tip area and forging cracks around the forte. Blade firm in the hilt. The steel bowl hilt with some pitting; amazingly not too much. The spiraled wooden grip has a drying crack in it but is sound.

You really do not see many of these. Completely under-priced at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference U02 (0818). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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