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Thurkle Made Victorian British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword (Sold)

1821 / 1896 Pattern honeysuckle hilted Victorian British heavy cavalry officer's sabre by Thurkle, clearly worn for many years in the saddle.

Thurkle made Victorian British cavalry officer's sabreThurkle HC Sword Hilt

Sold Item Notice

Good example of the 1896 version (circa 1900 - 35 inch bladed Victorian regulation) of the 1821 pattern honeysuckle hilted heavy and light cavalry officer's sword; made by quality cutler Thurkle of Soho London.

Worn scabbard chape

In above average condition, the sword clearly was carried on horseback a great deal by the original owner; you can tell this from the very worn chape of the leather field service scabbard, raising the specter it could have seen active service in the Boer War. One side of the blade has some cleaned pitting (shown in photo); the other side is very good (the side to show while on display). The tip area of the blade has some patina courtesy of dampness via the worn scabbard chape. The blade is form in the hilt, the nickel plated hilt with small speckles of pitting, the fishskin grip good, the ring bindings a little loose, the scabbard in good general order except for the worn chape and loss of the brass throat ring. Further / the full sized pictures available upon request.

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