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Boer War Imperial Yeomanry Officer's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In very good condition, the Boer War Imperial Yeomanry Officer's Wilkinson Sword of The Lord Cowley, Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley, the 3rd Earl Cowley.

Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley, 3rd Earl Cowleyimage T72 1

Sold Item Notice

Serial number 37307 to the spine. Confirmed on the Wilkinson sales ledger as having been sold to "The Lord Cowley" (Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley, the 3rd Earl Cowley) on January 3rd 1900. Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley (1866-1919), Landowner, soldier and ambassador to France. The sword is in exceptional condition and although it may well have been with The Lord Cowley when he served in the Boer War, the Imperial Yeomanry carried rifles, not swords into battle. Almost as new condition.

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The 35 inch very well etched period sharpened blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard is exceptionally good with just a few tiny scuffs and one small rust spot about to form. The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are both very good indeed. The plated steel scabbard also very good, just a few small light tarnish patches. The sword sheathes and draws well, very firm like new when nearly fully sheathed.

This sword is easily refurbishable to as new condition. And from a statesman / lord no less! Regretting the low price already. Just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote reference number T72 (0810). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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