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WW1 Remington British 1913P / US M1917 Bayonet & Scabbard, for sale

In very good condition, a scarce WW1 Remington British 1913P and US M1917 (both) Bayonet & Green Leather Scabbard.

image T47 Remington British 1913P American M1917 Bayonet Green Leather Scabbard

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Scarce bayonet as has original British 1913 Crown D5 over A markings, cancelled out, and US 17 marking added. In addition, this Remington has a US green leather bayonet with US frog fitting, plus the British belt strap modification. Bayonet cutting edge towards point has some old / period damage, perhaps battle damage, perhaps at the expense of a German soldier.

16 3/4 Inch blade in very good condition except as stated. Firm in the grip. The grip / hilt in good shape, the grip with some wear. The scabbard generally very good, a little age but not much. The bayonet sheathes and draws well but a little loosely. Locking pin mechanism works well.

Not many of these around, especially not at our price of just £200. Please quote item reference T47. Further / full sized images available upon request. Package 0775-61x12x11 (1.030).

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