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M1818 Prussian 1818 Model Infantryman's Briquet Sword, for sale

In good condition, a scarce Prussian 1818 Model Infantryman's Briquet Sword.

M1818 Prussian 1818 Model Infantrymans Briquet Swordimage T41 1

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With Prussian eagle (Berlin sword makers) mark to the blade, this is a scarce M1818 Prussian Infantryman's Briquet Sword. Scarce because the Prussians had plenty of French An XI briquets (which the M1818 is directly modeled upon) from the Napoleonic wars.

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The 23 3/8 inch blade is period sharp and in good condition; a little loose in the hilt. The hilt / grip is worn but good. A nice example for only £225. Please quote item reference T41. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0768-.82 (1.505).

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